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“Mathematics is a big challenge to many students. Spymathsecrets aims at assisting you to become better with our array of learning resources.  ”

Alaofin David,-Founder

Is Mathematics a big challenge?

Do you have issues with Mathematics, Are you finding it difficult to to grab mathematical concepts that is leading to your persistent failure in the subject. Then Spymathsecrets.com  is your sure bet. Spymathsecrets is a special site dedicated to providing simplified easy to understand mathematical content which is tailored to our national curriculum (NERDC). We cater principally for secondary school students. (J.s 1-SS 3)

We have an array of learning resources that are geared toward igniting the passion for Mathematics in you. This site aims at bridging the gaps that are left out in traditional classroom teaching.

Learn on the go

Learn anywhere, anytime  and on any device. Our site works seamlessly on any device. We offer you an opportunity to also learn at your pace.  If you are slow learner, you can go at your pace.  We demystify identified mathematical concepts which we know might be a little difficult for you, with simple and explicit examples.


Spymathsecrets is the brain child of David.O. Alaofin.  He is an experienced tutor, innovator and entreprenuer. The spymathsecrets.com is powered by SpyGlass business consult.

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